Reverse Creative Brief: “1984” Apple Macintosh Computer TV Spot

The following is a “reverse” creative brief for Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial. This commercial is regarded as one of the best Super Bowl TV spots of all time, and as advertisers, we can probably learn a lot from analyzing this spot.

Creative Brief

“1984” Apple Macintosh Computer TV Spot
Client: Apple
Agency: Chiat/Day

Create a :60 second TV spot introducing the Apple Macintosh computer, soon-to-be available in market. The TV spot will air nationally during the 1984 Super Bowl game.

The TV spot should build anticipation for the upcoming release of the Apple Macintosh computer, establishing the computer as a unique and alternative product in technology field.

Target Audience
24-34 year old men and women. These consumers are young and innovative, with an entrepreneurial-like mindset. These consumers stray aray from corporate America, and instead are the average everyday person. Rather than being a face in a crowd, these consumers want to stand out and be different from the rest.

What do we want them to think?
Apple’s Macintosh computer can be used for freedom and self expression, rather than monotony and control.

What do we want them to feel?
Confident that they can break free from the norm of and use their Macintosh to create something new and truly be original.

What is the tone?
Bold, confident, daring, revolutionary, liberating

Brand Positioning
Apple is a true innovator in the technology field, offering creative, anti-mainstream and unmatched technology.  

Reasons to Believe

  • Apple Macintosh is the first affordable, personal computer
  • First in it’s class to include a graphical user interface, easy for non-computer people to operate with a mouse
  • Users could interact with the computer using images instead of text.

How are we different than the competitors?
There is no room for self expression with IBM computers. Users of these computers are brainwashed, mindless “drones” who are controlled by system


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