My Story

I like to think that everything happens for a reason.

My advertising career started my freshman year at Temple in my Intro to Advertising Research class. Sitting in a class largely composed of account management, creative and copywriting students, I always wondered why others weren’t as excited about research as myself. I suppose my nerdiness passionate curiosity and hard-work shined through since I grabbed the attention of my professor, who then asked me to participate in the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge my sophomore year.

Our team of four talented, young women was challenged to create an integrated marketing campaign for DIRECTV, with a goal of increasing the number of subscriptions that were driven through DIRECTV’s Refer-a-Friend program. Comprehensive research and planning fueled by long nights with too many cups of coffee led us to develop an award winning campaign for DIRECTV, beating 200 other teams nationally and becoming Temple’s first-ever team to win First Place Undergraduate Gold.

Hearing the news that we won while studying abroad in Spain the summer going into my junior year motivated me to try my hand in the working world of advertising. Chalk it up to right time, right place – and a whole lot of nervous rambling in interviews – I landed an internship at Evoke Health as a Strategy Intern. I initially came on board to lead a department-wide research initiative to centralize research material into social intranet software, but my supervisors recognized I had the potential and innate talent to do even more. I was pulled on to numerous teams in both the Philly and New York offices and tasked to work across multiple pharmaceutical brands, quickly gaining the reputation as the “most billable intern” Evoke ever had.  When my supervisors needed someone to conduct an extensive competitive audit, pull together research and draw out insights for new business pitches, or quickly write up a project brief, they knew they could rely on me.

A few more things happened between then and now. I…

…and somehow managed to juggle in classes and maintain Dean’s List each semester.

A couple of fast-paced, educational and challenging years equipped me with the skill set and knowledge that has propelled my career in the advertising world. As an Associate Strategist at Evoke Health, I’m trusted to take on and lead higher-level projects, including but not limited to CRM strategy, Brand Planning, and of course the good-ole creative brief development. My supervisors frequently praise my ability to consistently deliver strong-end, client facing products, even with minimal direction or on boarding time. If you were to ask the numerous teams I’ve worked with, team members would probably comment on my drive, commitment to projects (big or small) and adaptive nature.

My true passions lie in finding stories from research, working in collaborative and thriving environments, and translating ideas into action. Oh and one last thing, I now embrace being a research nerd 🙂