Research and Strategy

Tai Pei Frozen Entree

For the 2016 National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC), I was selected to be a part of the Research and Strategy team in the Fall Semester. My team and I were tasked to conduct research and put together findings to ultimately develop a fully integrated marketing and retail campaign to help make the Tai Pei brand and products relevant to younger Millennial consumers. Our research and strategy would guide the Spring Semester creative team in developing and executing the overall proposed campaign idea.

For our research, we drafted and conducted two large research studies: three Focus Groups and one Market Research Quantitative Study. From these studies, we were able to draw out insights, better understand our target audience segments, and map out tactics that would address their needs at each stage of their “consumer journey”.

Browse through our research studies below!

Focus Group Discussion Guide  | Market Research Quantitative Study Guide